Freelancer, Side Hustler, or Digital Nomad?

Our approach to finding you new gigs and clients is unlike any other free service you have seen…Yup, it’s totally free!


1. We Search for Opportunities

We hunt for 100% remote, freelance and side gig opportunities all day every day because we have no lives.

2. We Give You The 411

When a company posts a great gig opportunity, we add them to our Gig List that is emailed to you weekly with all the details, the direct email address of the company’s decision maker, background research, and more!

3. You Get The Gigs!

Instead of just applying to a gig online (like EVERYONE else), you get all the info you need to set yourself apart and directly engage with the company decision maker on a personal level via email, get the gig, and earn some moolah!

2 Min. Rundown: Here's What You Can Expect

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Oh, and here's an example of a gig you would receive on your weekly gig list...

We're Bringin' Personalization Back

We’re not a job board. We don’t just send you job alerts like every other job aggregator out there.  

We empower you with info to make a direct and personal connection with gig decision makers.

In this day and age personalization and direct communication are hard to come by…so we’re bringin’ it back!!

Gig List Categories

We will always send these gigs to you for FREE, however you have the option to upgrade to a PREMIUM Subscription for added benefits.


i.e. social media, blog writting, paid ads, SEO, content strategy, branding & messaging, growth hacking, graphic design, PR,  web dev etc.

General Business

i.e. virtual assistant, scheduler, customer success, sales/biz dev, HR support, operations, software dev, bookkeeping, financial analysis, etc.

Want to Upgrade from our FREE Subscription?

#1.  Our PREMIUM Subscribers receive our Gig Lists up to a week before it goes out to all of our amazing free subscribers… giving them a head start at landing the gigs, and increasing their odds of landing our gig opportunities. 


#2.  PREMIUM Subscribers enjoy the luxury of also being sent all of’s exclusive “Off-Market” gig opportunities that we find through our network or from employers who come to us directly with gig opportunities they are looking to hire for.


If you are serious about landing more Gigs, PREMIUM may be more your speed.

–100% Money Back Guaranteed, No Questions Asked…EVER. —


Our Unique Approach

A. We do our research and get you verified direct email addresses of gig decision makers. We find publicly available info on who that decision maker is, their interests, hobbies, where they’re from, etc. so that you can reach out to them directly and make a connection with them on a personal level in order to stand out.


B. (FOR PREMIUM SUBSCRIBERS ONLY) We source “off-market” or “unlisted” opportunities that we get from employers coming to us directly about opportunities, and from our own network. 

By using this direct and personal approach, I was able to 10X my business and transform my side-hustle into a full-time consulting agency using a direct and personal touch to get new clients and gigs. We use this same approach for you here at, but we do the legwork for you!



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